our activities

  • Mineral substances expertise works as chemical analyses or geochemical and petrographical of analyses;
  • Information provision on mining and geological works conducted in the country;
  • Geological survey and demarcation of the mining concessions;  
  • Organization of Students training and professional probation.

Our Research programs

 CRGM has a decennial Program covering 2012 to 2021.  

This decennial Program 2012-2021 is mainly centered on the human and material capacity building than on the research execution targeted on applied repercussions. 

Actually, this capacity building concern the execution of land geological works (geological exploration), chemical analyses, geochemical and mineralogical methods improvement as well as the provision of the geological and mining data bases. 

Therefore, the main themes of our programs are as follow : 

  • Contribution to the urban geology of Kinshasa and Mbuji Mayi;
  • Updating of D.R. Congo geological findings;
  • Mining perimeters exploration and mineralization control;
  • Mineral resources Inventory of the neo-proterozoic chain of Bas-Congo;
  • Geological banks and mining data elaboration;
  • Metallic and non metallic mineral substances expertise;
  • Soils and waters geochemical analyses. 

Researchers deal with the above themes thanks to personal and collective projects. 

We picked up six individual projects that are currently carried on in the center: 

  1. Dolomitization process of Kwilu limestones in the Bas-Congo  
  2. Profile change survey of Kinsuka arkoses
  3. Gullying erosion in Kinshasa 
  4. Karstic erosion process in Mbuji Mayi City 
  5. Chemical analysis of Kinshasa pedo-geological materials for the provision of geochemical data base. 
  6. Metallogenic survey of Bamba Kilenda copper mineralization  
  7. Clarification of gypsum manufacture flow sheet from SO2 coming from the wire fencing of sulphurized and chalky ores (sulfogypse). 

 Some realized works during 2012 and 2013

  •  For the Congolese Senate (pollution in Muanda)
  • For European Union
  • For KIGAM

-         Survey report on the geological Research Zone in the North of Katanga

-          Provisional issue of D.R. Congo Updated Hydrogeological map (Scale)

-          Monographies sur les nouvelles provinces de la RDC (volet géologico-minier)

-          Monographs on D.R. Congo provinces information (geological-mining case)

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